Wuhan Coronavirus Could Financially Cripple Many Americans

Wuhan Coronavirus Could Financially Cripple Many Americans

Americans’ health may not be the only thing at stake as the coronavirus continues its unrelenting spread in the U.S. The virus could also prove financially crippling for many individuals. Uninsured patients could expect to pay at least $500-$1,000 just to get tested for the virus, and a 10-day hospital stay could amount to a bill of at least $75,000, according to one expert. CNBC reports:

One of the most acute financial strains for Americans if they get the coronavirus will be related to cash flow — the loss of a paycheck for those who can’t go to work or dramatic reductions in revenue for business owners whose foot traffic evaporates, according to experts.

The U.S. is one of the only developed countries that doesn’t require workers to get paid time off when they’re sick…

Further, 54% of Americans report not being financially prepared to manage a contagious disease outbreak that furloughs them for several weeks, according to Prudential Financial.

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