Would You Rather Spend The Night In Jail Than Prepare Your Tax?

Would You Rather Spend The Night In Jail Than Prepare Your Tax?

Income tax filing process can be a hassle and a source of big stress each year for taxpayers. According to WalletHub’s 2016 Taxpayer Survey, 13% of us would rather spend the night in jail than prepare the tax returns. You can find a handful of highlights from the survey below which are filled with fun facts about people’s opinions on tax prep, the IRS and more:

  • What We’d Do For A Tax-Free Future: 27% would get an “IRS” tattoo and 11% would clean Chipotle bathrooms.
  • Whom We Like More Than The IRS: Pope Francis is the most popular figure, with the support of 52% of people. Other notable results include: Hillary Clinton (30%), Donald Trump (22%), Vladimir Putin (12%) and Kanye West (10%).
  • What We’d Rather Do Than Prepare Our Taxes: 35% would talk sex with the kids and 13% would spend the night in jail.
  • Our Biggest Tax Day Fears: Math mistakes are 40% scarier than identity theft.


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