Want to Make More on Uber and Lyft? It Pays to be Young

Want to Make More on Uber and Lyft? It Pays to be Young

Matt McFarland writes on cnn.com: “Want to make more money? Generally, getting older does the trick. But something curious is playing out in the ridesharing world. A new survey finds that the younger an Uber or Lyft driver is, the more they report making. Drivers over the age of 61 reported making the least amount per hour, $14.57. The highest earners were people between 18 and 30, who pulled in $17.98 an hour. The survey was conducted by Harry Campbell, who runs a popular ridesharing blog, The Rideshare Guy. He surveyed 1,150 drivers who subscribe to his email list. Uber and Lyft don’t pay different rates depending on a driver’s age. The gap in earnings emerges based on how many rides a driver can pack in an hour, and if they are benefiting from surge pricing and bonuses. For example, ridesharing companies sometimes offer incentives if a driver picks up passengers in a popular neighborhood during a certain timeframe. Driving on Friday and Saturday evenings is especially lucrative, according to Campbell, but some older drivers may not want to work such a late shift. Younger drivers generally have an easier time mastering the technology aspect of the job, as well as the physical demands.” (cnn.com)

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