Steps Involved In Financial Planning – Things You Need to Know

Steps Involved In Financial Planning – Things You Need to Know

Planning for your finances, both presently and for the future, involves a lot of thinking, analyzing and understanding. It’s never just a quick and easy process; it involves a combination of a series of steps and measures taken so that you can move closer to your future financial goals. You have to ask yourself “Where do I see myself financially in the next 30 years?”.

When you have a family, your plans become even more detailed and well-defined, because you have more than one goal to keep in mind.

The following infographic from highlights and further helps with understanding the different stages of planning for a secure financial future:

Life Stages of Investment

Step one starts off with your education, right from high school and all the way till you complete your university studies and/or any special courses. Banks and private institutes offer a variety of schemes for grants and student loans that can help you fund your education if you don’t have any other savings kept aside.

Step two involves launching yourself out of education mode and into career mode. In a very competitive and dynamic world, choosing the right career path for yourself is crucial. You must chart out your options and make sure that your goals and career plans are aligned. Your career is what ultimately fuels your financial security, and funds your future investments. This is where you build your foundation, and make it sturdy for your future plans.

The next phase involves starting your own family and deciding to settle down. This is when your responsibilities increase and so does your need to have a more secure financial future. Hence, you start looking at insurance policies, home loans, life insurance, health coverage schemes and so on. Your main aim is security and safety for both you and your family members. Getting older involves more risks and liabilities, and the best thing to do is to protect yourself from any impending issues.

As your kids grow older, so do your expenses. It becomes your responsibility to help them secure a safe and valuable education like you did, and prepare them for future endeavors. College savings plans like 529 plans and other schemes assist you with keeping a stipulated sum of money aside for their educational needs and expenses. This also helps with training your kids on the importance of financial planning and keeping money aside for future benefits and goals.

Growing older also takes a toll on your health, and brings you closer to retirement. Hence, it’s your duty to make sure that you have a comfortable and satisfied life when you decide to retire. The best way to do this is to invest in a safe and smart retirement plan, right from your middle age. While spending your money and enjoying it is also important, investing in lucrative savings plans also allows you to live without any worries in your old age. The whole idea behind financial planning for the future rests on the fact that a penny kept aside now could turn into a much more valuable dollar in the future. So, start planning now, because your money only grows more valuable and important with time.

Author Bio: Adam Niel is an editor at Financial Planning Platform where you can find the best financial advisors in California. He writes about how you can practice effective financial spending habits for a more fulfilling and consistent lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

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