Robots Will Take Over If You Work in These Jobs

Robots Will Take Over If You Work in These Jobs

According to the analysis by accounting and consulting firm PwC, 38% of U.S. jobs could be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s, compared with 30% in Britain, 35% in Germany and 21% in Japan.

If you work in these types of jobs, robots could take over within 15 years:

  • Financial and insurance sector
  • Hospitality and food service
  • Transportation and storage

According to the report, jobs that require less education are at higher potential risk of automation. Other industries that could be at high risk include hospitality and food service and transportation and storage. Also, analysts have said truck driving probably will be the first form of driving in the U.S. to be fully automated.

If your jobs involve international markets, instead of domestic retail market, they would be much harder to be replaced. Health care that involves complex interactions with other people will be safe from automation. As robots take over more jobs, sectors that are harder to automate could see a rise in jobs.

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