Making More Money Really Does Make People Happier, Study Says

Making More Money Really Does Make People Happier, Study Says

The old saying goes “money can’t buy happiness,” but a new study finds that’s not exactly true. Although previous studies find there’s a limit to how much a person’s income impacts their happiness, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania says the sky’s the limit when it comes to money’s influence over well-being. Study Finds reports:

Killingsworth’s study examined nearly two million data points from over 33,000 people; each providing a moment-to-moment snapshot of their daily lives. Other studies on income and happiness concluded that money stops mattering at around $75,000. The results of the new study, however, reveal that rising income continues to affect the earner’s well-being even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars…

After calculating the well-being of each person in the study, Killingsworth compared the results to each participant’s income. According to a 2010 paper, experienced well-being plateaus when someone hits $75,000 in annual salary. The new results find that number may have to change.

“It’s a compelling possibility, the idea that money stops mattering above that point, at least for how people actually feel moment to moment,” the researcher says. “But when I looked across a wide range of income levels, I found that all forms of well-being continued to rise with income. I don’t see any sort of kink in the curve, an inflection point where money stops mattering. Instead, it keeps increasing.”

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