If You Make Less Than $50,000 Per Year, Your Pay Is About to Go Up

If You Make Less Than $50,000 Per Year, Your Pay Is About to Go Up

If you make less than $50,000 per year, you will soon be entitled to overtime pay,” said Hamilton Nolan on Gawker. “We are referring here to the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, which is widely expected to be updated some time later this summer. Though we won’t have an official number until the rule is final, it now appears that even if you are a salaried employee or some sort of manager, you will still be entitled to time-and-a-half pay for working more than 40 hours per week, as long as your total salary falls under the threshold.” According to activist Nick Hanauer, “the overtime threshold is to the middle class as the minimum wage is to low-wage workers.” The battle to raise the minimum wage has gotten more attention, but the battle to raise the overtime threshold could have a similar impact. (gawker.com)

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