How To Retire At Age 30 (Mr. Money Mustache)

How To Retire At Age 30 (Mr. Money Mustache)

The Globe and Mail just did an interview with Mr. Money Moustache detailing his approach on how to retire at age 30.  Here’s an excerpt: “But even better, choose your career and employer (and gradually build up your own business) in such a way that you can live somewhere beautiful that is affordable. With good Internet access, you can pull in a six-figure salary while living in some seaside haven in Nova Scotia where the houses might cost 80 per cent less. Or you can do what I did and choose any other country in the world, figure out the immigration rules and expand your life to include this great new location. Living in Colorado where it is always sunny and I can ride my mountain bike on red rock trails in the middle of January, we also come to Canada and spend every summer there with family and friends. This was well worth the hassle of getting a degree in a portable field, deciphering a few government forms and going to some job interviews.”

Peter Adeney, the man behind Mr. Money Mustache, actually earns around $400,000 a year on his blog. His blog Mr. Money Mustache is currently one of the top blogs on the list of Top Personal Finance Blogs. Now that he’s retired with more money his family ever needs, Mr. Money Mustache plans to donate to money to worthy charity.

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