How to Financially Prepare to Quit Your Job

How to Financially Prepare to Quit Your Job

Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs these days — and they don’t always have another one lined up. Whether it’s due to burnout, a desire for more flexibility or better pay, or the pursuit of an entirely different career, saying “I quit” can have long-term financial implications. CNN Business writes:

Here’s what you need to know if you are considering quitting without another job offer: 

Do a quick gut check 

It’s a good time to be a job seeker, but make sure you are leaving for the right reasons. “The grass is very often not necessarily greener,” said Tami Simon, a corporate consulting leader at employee benefits firm Segal. “Take the time to really think about what your own motivations are, and the real reason why you are thinking about leaving your job as opposed to just following a trend.” If you are looking to leave because you’re seeking more flexibility, money, responsibility or you want to learn new skills, now’s the time to ask your current employer.

Timing is everything

Remember all that paperwork that you got when you started the job? It likely includes information about any potential financial impacts of quitting. Simon suggests reviewing your original offer letter, compensation arrangements and the employee manual before you announce your departure. “What are you contractually bound to?” Sometimes benefits are awarded based on how long you’ve been with the employer, and offers could also include non-compete clauses or clawbacks of signing bonuses or other incentives if you resign before a certain period of time.

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