How This 27-Year-Old Made $1 Million Last Year

How This 27-Year-Old Made $1 Million Last Year

Last year Michelle Schroeder-Gardner made almost $1 million — $979,000, to be exact. Guess how this 27 year-old made $1 million in a year. That’s right, blogging. From an article in Forbes, her ticket out of debt and into financial freedom has been her blog, Making Sense of Cents, where she offers tips on saving and making money — and publishes income reports. Schroeder-Gardner said: “I had actually started my blog in August 2011, before I graduated with my finance MBA. I got the idea one day when I was reading Cosmo and they had an article featuring the personal finance site Daily Worth. I started reading that website and I became super-interested in personal finance blogs. I started my blog as a hobby. I didn’t start it thinking I’d make an income from it. Six months later, I made my first $100 from my blog when a blogger friend who was already profiting from her blog connected me with an advertiser. I didn’t even know blogs could make money.” She keeps developing her blogging hobby into a career and her earning keeps going up: In 2013, she earned $117,000. In 2014, that increased to $164,000. In 2015, her earnings jumped to $321,000. And finally he made close to $1 million last year. (

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