Highest Paying Jobs in America

Highest Paying Jobs in America

Job site Glassdoor collected data from employees with positions that have at least 100 reported salaries to come up with the list of highest paying jobs in America. There’s no surprise as physicians occupied the top spot with a median base salaary of $187,876. Medical and STEM fields dominate the list. Here’s the top 25 jobs along with median base salary.

Highest Paying Jobs

2Pharmacy manager$149,064
3Patent attorney$139,272
4Medical science liaison$132,842
6Enterprise architect$112,560
7Physician assistant$112,529
8Applications development manager$112,045
9R&D manager$111,905
10Corporate controller$110,855
11Software engineering manager$109,350
12IT architect$105,303
13Software architect$104,754
14Nurse practitioner$104,144
15Solutions architect$102,678
16Data architect$102,091
18IT program manager$98,883
19UX manager$98,353
20Systems architect$97,873
21Plant manager$97,189
22Scrum master$95,167
23Financial planning and analysis manager$94,862
24Nuclear engineer$94,852

Jobs That Are Safe from Robot Takeover

Automation is gradually taking over human jobs across many industries. Technology, coupled with artificial intelligence, advances at a breakneck pace year after year. It’s undeniable that one day robot will do many of our jobs such as bus driver, accountant, cashier, etc. Well, if you want to know which jobs that are safe from Robot, here are four areas and skills that are AI proof:

  1. Data science jobs
  2. Cybersecurity jobs
  3. Design jobs
  4. Strategy jobs

Jobs with Strangest Degrees

Enough with the list of highest paying jobs, here are 9 strangest degrees you can get at college:

  1. Bakery science
  2. Winemaking
  3. Golf course management
  4. Puppetry
  5. Auctioneering
  6. Bagpiping
  7. Pop culture studies
  8. Jewelry design
  9. Comic book art

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