Change is Hard! This Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail

Change is Hard! This Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail

Why certain individuals keep getting into debts even with good income? For some, change in their behaviors is very hard. But none of those stories are as unusual as a 70-year-old Saudi inmate who refused to leave prison after completing his jail term. He said he feels better in jail than being at home.

The man was jailed in the central town of Buraidah in northwestern Saudi Arabia on charges of failing to pay his debts. So why this prisoner refuses to leave jail? He says he met good people in jail.

“When he was told to get ready to be released, he begged the prison chief to let him stay,” the Saudi newspaper Okaz reported.

“He said that he feels psychologically better than being at home after meeting some good old people in prison,” the newspaper added, without mentioning whether he was allowed to stay. Newspaper Okaz also mentioned that a consultant at the prison, Sheikh Mohmmad Al Ghadhiya, said that he discussed the issue with the prisoner, who told him that his release would not help him solve his debt problem.

After being in jail, this 70-year-old debt inmate is better off in there than outside with better social interaction in prison. Similarly, for some wealthy 70-year-old they are better off in the office than outside with better social interaction in the workplace. They refuse to leave their jobs to retire and enjoy life outside of work. Do they love their office environment as much as the Saudi debtor loves the prison?

Why Some Rich Men Refuse to Retire from Their Jobs

Indeed, change is hard. Even with a lot of money to live in leisure, many wealthy individuals continue showing up in their offices. For them, there is literally nothing in the world they would prefer to do, as an alternative to sitting in their offices and chatting with coworkers.

There’s nothing wrong with these smart and accomplished people refusing to retire when they have more than enough money. After all, it’s their choice. You might ask, do they have any other interests or goals outside of work? May be these super wealthy people cannot retire because they get most of their social interaction and identity through their work. They just feel better in office than being at home full time. The workplace is their prison.

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