Better Off Spending Your Spare Time Being Frugal or Earning More Money?

Better Off Spending Your Spare Time Being Frugal or Earning More Money?

We all have spare time every now and then, either during the weekend or certain hours everyday. But are you better off spending that spare time earning more money or being frugal? Simple Dollar delves in this excellent question to help you choose higher earnings or lower spending on your spare time. “The more precarious your financial state, the higher priority you should put on frugality. The reason for this is very simple. Frugality’s big advantage is its speed.” So, if your finances are pretty precarious being frugal in your spare time is better. On the other hand, “the more options you have to move up in your current career path, the more worthwhile it is to spend your free weekend preparing to earn more money.” Earning more money is a better choice if you already take care of your finance, complete most of the frugal projects already and have consistent blocks of spare time. Whatever route you choose on your spare time, whether being frugal or trying to earn more, it can greatly improve your personal finance situation. (

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