After an Interview Never Ask If You Got the Job

After an Interview Never Ask If You Got the Job

So after a job interview, you are excited to see how well you did. Life Hacker suggests that you should never ask if you got the job right after an interview. “You should also avoid asking questions like ‘How did I do?’ or ‘Do you have any hesitations about me?’ or ‘Could you imagine me working here?’ These types of questions put the interviewer on the spot and can easily be seen as rude. You can ask ‘What’s your timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back from you?’ This shows your interest without being needy or off putting.”

How to Ask If You Got the Job

You should send a follow up email or letter to your potential employer to inquire about the status update of the job that you are very still interested. It would quickly force the employer to give you the answer without hurting your chance of getting the job.

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